Press & Publications:

2011, Long exposure: An unexotic Appalachia, courtesy of Andrew Stern
2010, The Appalachian Portfolio: Photographs by Andrew Stern
2010, The Appalachian Portfolio, 1959-1963, on exhibit at North Gate Hall to University of California, Berkeley
2008, Looking at Kentucky after 50 Years
2008, Photos date to late '50s, early '60s
2007, The Photos That Began The War On Poverty
2007, Photo Plus, Ann Arbor, Michigan


2016, East Bay Media Center, Berkeley, CA
2016, César Restaurant, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
2012, Baker Library, Dartmouth College, NH
2011, The Bridge, Charlottesville, VA
2010, Center for Photography, Graduate School of Journalism, University of California Berkeley
2009, César, Oakland and Berkeley, CA
2008, Ekstrom Library, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
2008, Appalshop, Whitesburg, KY
2008, Downtown Restaurant Gallery, Berkeley, CA
2007, Godbey Appalachian Center Gallery, Cumberland, KY
2007, Tuska Center for Contemporary Art, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
1960, Dartmouth Art Museum, Dartmouth College, NH
1959, Brooklyn Bridge - Hart Crane, Voice of America, Wash D.C.
Permanent Collection at Museum of Modern Art, New York.
National Archives Washington D.C.